Organic Cottons.

We stock organic cotton, linen, vintage prints, gingham, canvas, jersey, fairtrade cotton, muslin, fair trade fabrics, denim, velvet, cord, corduroy, voile, calico, unbleached cotton, natural fibres, bamboo and linen colourgrown cotton, remnants, chemical free cotton.

Why use Organic Cottons?

We are proud to support Fair Trade. ensuring that everyone is paid fairly and properly.

We hold large stocks and a big range of organic and Fairtrade cotton fabric and linen and bamboo here in the UK. We return some of our profits to a charity enabling looms to be repaired and brought back into use in Kerala.

Fair Trade

We supply ONLY organic and fairtrade cotton, linen, bamboo, and vintage and retro prints for clothing and organic fabric furnishing that respects both you and the families that grow the cotton and weave the fabric ..AND we just won an award from EFF (Ethical Fashion Forum) who are an international company promoting Ethical Fashion.


What customers say

Mrs Margorie Madeup. Wonderland

'My organic cotton fabric arrived before I even ordered it , you guys are awsomely awsome.


What customers say

Kelly Veen, Chicago USA

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. My order arrived on time and the aftersales service was fantastic. I highly recommend Organic Cotton to all my friends.