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About us

We are a small family run business in mid-Wales and have been trading twenty five years.

We donít believe it's fair that people should die in order to grow the cotton for our fabrics.

Organic cotton supply chains do exist and we have started this business to sell and promote them.

Organic Cotton

Most of our cotton comes from a non GM source and is supplied by Agrocel. One of their partners is Traidcraft, the largest UK fairtrade organisation.

The cotton is grown in northern India.

Our cotton is not sprayed with toxic chemicals. Instead, weeding is done by hand and pests are controlled biologically (by encouraging other insects to control the pests). Please see the excellent PAN site (Pesticide Action Network).

Fair Trade Cotton

This means that the people who grow cotton get a fair guaranteed wage and that their health and welfare is supported. We subscribe to the Fair Trade policy defined by IFAT (The International Fair Trade Association).

Our hand loom cottons are woven and safely dyed using GOTS approved non azo dyes and are woven by a charity-run project involving about 250 workers using hand looms or small power looms.

Right: one of the weavers in K.V. Kuppam, a village in Tamil Nadu state, South India, 120 miles from Chennai (Madras). The area has long been a centre for cotton handloom weaving.

If you have any concerns please email us and I'll be happy to phone you.

Weaver in K.V. Kuppam, a village in Tamil Nadu state, South India,

Map of India showing location of  K.V. Kuppam, a village in Tamil Nadu state, South India,

Nearly all cotton is grown with petrochemical fertilisers and toxic chemical insecticides which kill thousands of people.