We're based in the historical market town of Machynlleth in mid Wales, with the green hills, sheep, beautiful countryside and people. Machynlleth, or Mach as it's known locally, is on the far west edge of Wales, practically right in the middle.

Our current premises are on the Dyfi Eco Park in a highly insulated unit with 110 solar panels on the roof. Dyfi Eco Park was an early adopter of sustainable energy sources 18 years ago.

Nancy runs the business and we currently employ six members of staff: Gwyn, Gráinne, Matt, Yvonne, Sarah and Colin.

Nearly all of our fabrics are made directly for us and to our specification.


Phil and Ann, with over thirty years of fabric selling under their belts, formed the Organic Textile Company in 2005 after becoming aware of the damage to the environment and third world communities growing cotton can do, relying heavily as it does on pesticides.

They are still involved, although now enjoying the delights of being semi-retired.